Pharrell’s Attire: An Exclusive Feature

If you keep up with our Social Media accounts, you will have noticed that Pharrell has been seen wearing a daisy camo hat across the world. It is a Mark McNairy Daisy Camo Hat that is available exclusively to BBCICECREAM. Less than 25 hats have been made, and we are the only location with stock (unless you know Pharrell or McNairy on a first-name basis)!

Hit the jump for product shots of the McNairy Daisy Camo Hats and the other Exclusive items that Pharrell is seen wearing in this picture.



McNairy Daisy Camo Hat only available here.


BGC Vacation Tee Available at BBC US, BBC JAPAN, and Coming Soon to BBC EU!

Pharrell’s Tee is a custom-made Men’s Tee with BGC Graphics (1 of 1).

6Bee Line x Timberland Boots in the 6″ Style Available at BBC US, BBC JAPAN, and BBC EU.