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Takashi Murakami’s JELLYFISH EYES Film Screening & Exclusive T-Shirt Collaboration


World-renowned visual artist Takashi Murakami will begin a nationwide tour screening his debut film JELLYFISH EYES at cultural institutions in eight US cities.

Pharrell worked with Murakami to create a remix to a song used in the movie (get a first look here), and BBC has collaborated with Kaikai Kiki Co. to produce an exclusive T-Shirt that will be sold at each of the screenings, as well as the online and flagship stores.

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Places and Spaces I’ve Been

UPDATE – So it’s not the best day for a signing in NYC due to the weather.  We’ll get as many people out of the environment as possible.  To be fair, we have set-up tickets which will break everyone up in groups that way you’ll avoid having to wait outside.  We have gift cards to the Starbucks on our corner where you can enjoy a beverage and stay warm until your group’s time.  Books can be purchased at the book anytime before 7PM as well.

The New York book signing will be at our Flagship Store November 7th from 7PM-9PM.  The book can be purchased at the store(books bought at our Flagship Store will get priority access to the signing, we can not guarantee access for books bought at other locations but will do our best to accommodate you).  The following signing will be at Colette in Paris on Saturday November 10th from 4PM-6PM.

Igloo Hotel

It takes almost 3000 tons of snow for the Iglu Dorf team to build each igloo village that are built at seven different locations in the Alps and Pyrenees mountains.

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Rome at Night

Here is a great series of photos from Rome.  It can be difficult taking pictures of places frequented by large numbers of tourists but these shots prove that all you need is darkness and some rain to make these beautiful locations feel like they are all yours.  Photos by Vince Cianci.


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