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Blake Little – Preservation


American Photographer Blake Little poured liters of honey on bare people and animals and photographed them while it flowed gently over their bodies. By covering his subjects in this sugary substance, they look like golden statues when photographed. What’s even more interesting, is that he uses a variety of models from babies to body builders and even dogs.

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Xavier Veilhan’s “Music” Exhibition


Xavier Veilhan’s new double exhibition at Galerie Perrotin’s New York and Paris locations explores the links between music and the visual arts. It features sculptures of some of the most renowned pop music producers, including the Neptunes (Pharrell and Chad), Quincy Jones, Lee “Scratch” Perry, Rick Rubin, and others. The project’s unique artistic process involves combining digital body scan technology with reference portraits sketched by the artist. “Music” opens in New York on Feb. 26 and in Paris on March 7, with both editions ending on April 11. For more info, head to the Galerie Perrotin website.

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9 Hours: Capsule Hotel in Kyoto

2198If you’ve ever dreamed of sleeping in a spaceship-like atmosphere, check this place out. The idea behind this trendy capsule hotel in Kyoto is that you get to sleep for ‘9 hours’. It’s relentlessly clean and futuristic, with monochrome decor and minimalist iconography. The main theme of this place is the Japanese simplicity and the local hospitality. You can sleep there, take a shower and get some sleep. In each capsule is the screen, one-sheets and even pajamas.

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Giant ‘Star Wars’ Snow Sculpture in Japan

Members of the 11th Brigade of the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force have built an incredible, 50 ft tall and 75 ft wide, Star Wars snow sculpture of Darth Vader along with some Stormstroopers, TIE fighters and the Death Star. The sculpture was created for the annual Sapporo Snow Festival and took 3,500 tons of snow and nearly a month to construct. The Japanese military has been participating in the festival since 1955 and considers the process of building large sculptures a training exercise.



Pharrell’s adidas Originals Superstar Experience

To celebrate the launch of his newest collaboration with adidas Originals, Pharrell visited the Superstar Experience at 138 Wooster Street to surprise 50 high school artists with an evening of inspiration and creativity that they will never forget. They were invited to customize their own pair of white on white Superstar 80s that would become part of a special art installation displayed in the space. Raury also took the stage with the kids’s creations as the backdrop to his private performance. DMC and the BAES kept the energy high throughout the evening and provided motivation and encouragement.

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