We are proud to announce that we are now stocking NEIGHBORHOOD Technical Apparel at our NYC Flagship and Webstore. Conceived in 1994 by designer Shinsuke Takizawa, the brand was created with the concept of “basic clothing created by digesting unique interpretations of elements from motorcycles, military, outdoor, trad, etc. and also suggesting this lifestyle.” The brand was created in Harajuku, Tokyo, when Takizawa was involved in motorcycles and the surrounding counter culture. The collections offered consist of jackets, damage-modification processed denim, graphic tees and various accessories from incense sticks to small leather goods.

We also stock LUKER BY NEIGHBORHOOD, a sub-brand created in 2009 that features designs with a British influence. NEIGHBORHOOD and LUKER are both available now, in-store and online. Hit the jump for more images.

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Pharrell’s Masterclass at NYU’s Clive Davis Institute

Two weeks ago, Pharrell hosted a masterclass at NYU’s Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music. Hosted alongside legendary producer and longtime collaborator Bob Powers, two student artists, and one duo, all had the opportunity to have one of their songs listened to, and critiqued by Pharrell himself. Hit the jump for the full video and more photos from the event.

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OTHERtone Episode 17

J Balvin was the latest guest on OTHERtone Episode 17. J Balvin discusses Columbia, music, and the influence of Hip Hop in Columbia. JR and Sacha Baron Cohen make a surprise visit as well. Hit the jump for more images and click here to listen to the episode.

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Welcome Home, Scott

We’ve been following Astronaut Scott Kelly’s journey during his Year in Space. After 340 days aboard the International Space Station, he is coming back home to Earth today. He breaks the record as the longest U.S. astronaut in space and will hitch a ride back home on the Russian Soyuz spacecraft. His scheduled ETA is at 11:25 pm ET tonight, where he will land in the Kazakhstan desert (10:25 a.m. on March 2, Kazakhstan time). Peep the arrival schedule here and catch the live coverage on NASA Television. In honor of his return back to Earth, we’ve put up a Welcome Home message on our homepage. Join us in welcoming back Astronaut Scott Kelly by tweeting him. You can also view all of the photographs he has taken from space here.

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Home Planetarium

If you live in a city, it’s rare to see stars in the night sky. That can change with the Megastar Class Home Planetarium, created by Takayuki Ohira, who is regarded as Japan’s most famous planetarium designer. The Megastar Class is a projection device that can recreate the night sky in your own home, with a 180 degree projection. The price tag is $18,200 and it can be purchased in white or black. More pics after the jump!


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Upgrade your premium chocolate experience with Nendo’s by | n chocolatexture bar, created by the innovative design studio. The “chocolatetexturebar” is a bar of chocolate divided into 12 faces, each with their own texture to engage the palette. Stripes, dots, zigzags, checkered patterns, and wave patterns are the three dimensional patterns that are utilized to create the distinct textures on the bar. Five flavors are offered: milk, strawberry, white, bitter, and matcha. Check out more works from Nendo here.


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The People VS Pusha T

Noisey’s latest episode of ‘The People VS’ features Pusha T reading comments from his video “Grindin” with the Clipse.

OTHERtone Episode 16

Brittany Howard of Alabama Shakes joined Pharrell and Scott Vener for the latest episode of OTHERtone. She discussed early musical influences, small town blues, and studio vibes. Hit the jump for more clips and photos from Episode 16. Listen to the full episode on iTunes.

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Timelapse Of The Sun

Captured by NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory, here is a timelapse of the sun from January 1, 2015 to January 28, 2016.The sun increases and decreases in size, due to the varying distance between the SDO spacecraft and the sun throughout the year. We highly suggest you watch this on full screen at the highest resolution.

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