XOCO Chocolate 3D Printer

By now, you’ve heard about the many capabilities of a 3D printer. Michiel Cornelissen Ontwerp, a Dutch design studio, has created the XOCO 3D chocolate printer aimed towards food aficionados. The printer can create custom objects with chocolate; it essentially uses chocolate as the ink. It is based on a polar coordinate system complete with a rotating buildplate and single pillar. Take a look at how it works below and hit the jump for more images. Learn more about the XOCO here.

Via Design Milk.

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De-dimension: From 2D to 3D

Designer Jongha Choi‘s master thesis, titled “From 2D to 3D” is a furniture collection that features fully functional 3-Dimensional furniture. The furniture can be collapsed into 2-Dimensions to allow for easy storage. When hung on the wall, it can also be an an art piece or conversation starter. The ability for the furniture to flatten or collapse allows the function when needed, while allowing for decoration when not in use.


Via Gizmodo.

Stegosaurus Skeleton For Auction

Auctionata, Germany’s leading auction house, is set to auction off a 150 million year old full-size Stegosaurus skeleton on May 28th. Valued at 2.4 million Euros, the skeleton is from the Jurassic period, 7 meters long, and includes over 90% of the original bone material. The bidding starts at 1.2 million Euros and will come with certificates and booklet upon purchase. Other items from the auction titled “Nature at Home – Prehistorical fossils and minerals” will include prehistoric scallop shells, a large pair of amethyst geodes, and more.  The auction is set to be livestreamed from the gallery space on May 28th at 6 pm CET (1 pm ET).



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Bell’s Custom Moto Helmet

The search for a motorcycle helmet that fits your head can be a difficult task. The standard helmets range in standard sizing from small to extra large, but many people can be in-between sizes. Bell has found a solution to create a custom moto helmet for the perfect fit. A proper helmet can provide stability, reduce wind noise, and most importantly, protect your head. Bell spent the past three years making custom helmet for consumers by 3-D scanning their heads. The scan allows the company to produce a custom carbon fiber helmet at the cost of $1,000. There is also a less expensive alternative from their “ProFIT” system, which allows you to choose from five shell sizes (hard exterior) and six different impact liner sizes (soft interior).


Via Wired.

India’s First Space Shuttle Launch

Earlier today, India launched its first reusable space shuttle, the Reusable Launch Vehicle-Technology Demonstrator (RLV-TD). The Indian Space Research Organisation, or ISRO, launched the 22 foot space shuttle at a site in Sriharikota, India. It took five years to develop this model and cost about $14 million. The RLV-TD will travel 43 miles above Earth’s surface before descending back to the planet. The 1.75-tonne shuttle will gather data on hypersonic speed and autonomous landing. Hit the jump for more images.


Via BBC and Gizmodo.

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Pharrell’s New Website

Pharrell’s website is now LIVE! The experience is powered by the fans first and foremost, as the user creates a card that details their favorite work of Pharrell’s such as fashion or music. After the card is created, it becomes part of the homepage where you can discover Pharrell’s work through other fan cards. Create your own card at pharrellwilliams.com and click here to read more about it.


Sneak Peek: Rules of the Game

Pharrell joined forces with Daniel Arsham and Jonah Bokaer for a one-night-only event titled “Rules Of The Game.” Tuesday, May 17, 2016 was the world premiere in Dallas at the SOLUNA International Music & Arts Festival. “Rules Of The Game” is a multidisciplinary work for eight dancers that represents the largest collaboration between Bokaer (choreography), Arsham (scenography) and their first partnership with Williams (score), collectively. The music composed by Pharrell represents his first composition for live dance and theater. The original score by Pharrell was performed live by the Dallas Symphony Orchestra and conducted by composer David Campbell, who worked on over 450 gold and platinum albums. Watch the clip below and read more about it at Rolling Stone.

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