Billionaire Boys Club x Todd James Release Event

Billionaire Boys Club’s NYC flagship is gearing up for today’s release of Pharrell’s Superstar Supershell Pack and our collaboration t-shirts with artist Todd James. Peep the latest details for our release event today August 7th below.

12pm – adidas Originals Superstar Supershell Release in-store only

4pm – Billionaire Boys Club x Todd James Collaboration T-Shirts drop in-store 

6-8pm – Superstar Release Event with Todd James at our NYC flagship

8pm– Supershells Release on

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Billionaire Boys Club x Todd James

Billionaire Boys Club has teamed up with NYC-based artist Todd James to produce two collaboration t-shirts to celebrate the release of the Pharrell Williams = adidas Originals Superstar Supershell. The t-shirts featuring Todd James’ artwork will be released in-store and online the same day as the Superstar Supershell, Friday, August 7th. In addition to the release, our NYC Flagship will be hosting an in-store party that Friday from 6-8pm where fans can meet and mingle with the artist.

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First Image of the Entire Sunlit Side of Earth Since 1972

Captured by the Earth Polychromatic Imaging Camera (EPIC) situated on NASA’s Deep Space Climate Observatory (DSCOVR), this is the first image of the entire sunlit side of Earth since Apollo 17’s iconic Blue Marble photograph in 1972.

DSCOVR started its journey on February 11, 2015. After traveling about 1 million miles to the L1 Lagrange Point (four times farther than the orbit of the Moon), EPIC sends us this perfect image of Earth with views of North, Central, and South America.



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