Space Tourism by Invisible Creature

Design firm Invisible Creature has been commissioned by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory to create three travel posters, which are part of the Visions of the Future 2016 Calendar. Only Jet Propulsion Laboratory and NASA staff, government and university staff, engineers, and scientists will be gifted this calendar, but the artwork from the calendar will be available to download on their site soon. Peep the artwork after the jump and shop the prints from Invisible Creature here.


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Nicolas Vuignier is a Swiss freeskier who recorded himself skiing down a mountain using his iPhone 6. He used a centriphone, a device he created, which works like a sling. Check the footage below, but be warned that the video shows 360 degree views.

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G-Star Raw

Congratulations to Pharrell, who is always making moves in fashion. As of today, he is co-owner of G-Star Raw.


Sally Ride

In 1983, Sally Ride made history as the first American woman in space. That same year, she was interviewed by Gloria Steinem for her series ‘In Conversation with…’ and discussed her early career. The short animated film from PBS Digital Studios also provides an insight on the views from the media and society in the early 80’s. Ride reveals that while NASA was enlightened about flying women astronauts, the press seemed the opposite as they asked irrelevant questions about bathroom facilities and make up rather than her abilities to operate the arm or deploy communication satellites. Hear more outtakes from the interview here.

Fun fact: we named our first BGC varsity after Sally Ride, the first American woman in space!

Tatsuya Tanaka’s Miniature Calendar

The Miniature Calendar project is going strong, now in its fifth year. Japanese art director Tatsuya Tanaka posts an image every day on his Instagram and Facebook to feature his ongoing photo project. Utilizing office supplies, food, and other household objects, he creates whimsical sets to tell a story in each. Take a look at a few of his photos below. More photos after the jump.


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