Harvaard Holmaas’ Lifestyle Brand Ætt

It’s always interesting to see where our former interns continue their careers after getting their start here at BBC. Originally from Norway, Haarvard Holmaas came to NYC for a summer and interned for us during our early days. Fast forward six years later, and now he’s back in our city showcasing his own full lifestyle clothing brand Ætt. Revisiting classic items from outdoors men, sailors, mountaineers and workers, Ætt honors timeless quality, craft and tradition of resilience. Hit the jump to see his incredible collection and where you can check out some of the pieces in person in NYC today.


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adidas Stan Smiths Customized by Pharrell

On Wednesday, May 28th at 11am, Pharrell and colette-Paris will be releasing 10 limited edition Stan Smith sneakers customized by Pharrell himself. Each pair will have a unique hand drawn design, and will be available in a range of sizes while limited supplies last. Retail Price: €500 – All profits will be donated to One Hand to anOTHER.



1968 Soviet Cosmonaut Survival Kit

Take a look at this survival kit, designed in 1968, for the Soviet’s spacecraft. From top left to bottom right it contained: Makarov pistol and ammunition, wrist compass, 18 waterproof matches, machete; fishing kit, strobe light with spare battery, 8 fire starters, folding knife, antenna, 3-pair wool gloves, signal mirror, NAZ-7M type medical kit, penlight, radio, 2 radio batteries, and 3 wool balaclava hoods.


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This 2-in-1 SUV/boat would be the perfect vehicle to have on this Memorial Day weekend. The Amphicruiser is fully certified to use on paved roads and has passed rigorous tests for ships to allow it to journey on water. Its 4.2L Toyota Land Cruiser engine runs the wheels on the road and an onboard water jet off of it, letting you cruise at up to 8mph.


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S/S ’14 “GIRL” Editorial by BASIS, NY

We’ve teamed up with creative collective BASIS, NY to produce an editorial showcasing some of our latest Spring/Summer ’14 offerings. The editorial features BBC/BGC tees and hoodies cut up and styled to fit our Billionaire girls, as well as some of our newest products like the BBC Wealth News Tank and BBC Gravel Tank. These tanks, along with our Summer Delivery 1, will be dropping at our NYC flagship and webstore on June 1st.

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