Hammerhead Bike Navigation

The Hammerhead Bike Navigation sn’t your typical GPS. It uses a series of colored LEDs as indicators, creating intuitive patterns that can be interpreted in your peripheral vision. As an added benefit, the device syncs wirelessly to your smartphone, letting you adjust the indicators, save and share routes, and even meet up with friends. You can even save routes to your phone and the onboard compass will guide you even without cellular signal.


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Au Panthéon! – An installation by JR

The restoration of the Panthéon is one of the largest projects in Europe with self-supporting scaffolding all throughout. The Centre des Monuments Nationaux chose JR to create an installation inspired by INSIDE OUT. The European Photo Booth truck traveled to 9 major monuments in France to take portraits, which were plastered outside and inside the dome of the Panthéon. Hit the jump to see more pictures of the incredible installation that opens today.



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How to Become an Astronaut

NASA began its astronaut hunt in 1959, but they were originally exclusively from members of the armed forces. Out of the entire US military systems only seven—all men, all pilots—were tapped to become the first astronauts. A lot has changes since then, and now anybody who meets the basic requirements, regardless of race or gender, can apply to NASA. Read on to see how…


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