Now Available: Pharrell x adidas Originals Supercolor Pack


A true superstar knows the importance of individuality. It’s not about following the pack, or telling someone else what to wear. You cannot impose a style on a superstar – nor a trend, or a color. This is the ethos behind the adidas Originals Supercolor release, which sees the iconic Superstar silhouette transformed via a spectrum of 50 different colorways. Pharrell knows that the most empowering thing you can give a superstar is the freedom of expression. The adidas Originals Supercolor Superstar pack offers a choice like never before. 11 colors are now available in-store and online at Choose your color.

International Day of Happiness with Pharrell

Pharrell celebrated the 2015 International Day of Happiness with a visit to Google for a Q&A with Lynn Hirschberg, a lighting ceremony at the Empire State Building, and a trip to the United Nations to speak to students with climate experts Sylvia Earle and Philippe Cousteau to discuss creating a happy planet through Climate Action. The International Day of Happiness is celebrated each year on March 20th, in partnership with the UN Foundation for a healthy, happy planet. Sign the Live Earth petition to tell world leaders to take Climate Action at and learn more about the UN Foundation at

Stunning Mosque Ceilings Around The World

beautiful-mosque-ceiling-31__880-810x1223Mosques in Iran are known for having some of the most exquisite architectural designs found throughout the whole world. Since there is so much incredible eye-candy packed inside each place of worship, we decided to make a post entirely dedicated to mosque ceilings. Here are images from some of the most incredible mosques found in Iran, and elsewhere around the world.

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adidas Originals Supercolor Film

Check out the official film for the Superstar Supercolor range by Pharrell. With 50 unique colors of the iconic Superstar silhouette available in the first-of-its-kind pack, Supercolor presents a choice like never before. 50 colors. 50 choices. Choose your color. Look out for the global release on March 27th.

Welcome Our 1st European Flagship


Covering over 800 sq ft and split over 2 levels, the new store continues the success of the recent pop up ‘satellite store’ in London and also marks the brands first permanent space in the EU. It follows the New York store – which first opened in 2007, and the Japan store, which opened more recently 2012. The stores interior reflects the brand language as engineered by world famous designers- Wonderwall. Divided into 2 concepts, the decor bares the ‘Starfield pattern’ that has become synonymous with Billionaire Boys Club, contrasting with the clean 1950s ice cream parlour identity of ICECREAM. Hit the jump to take a look inside..

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Wooden Bike by Paul Timmer


Now here’s a wooden bike that’s not just a gimmick. Designer and wood worker Paul Timmer has created a new wooden bicycle using fine, solid ash and high quality bicycle components. It becomes strong enough by extraordinary attention to detail. This frame is hand built, completely from the ground up. No standard parts are used to build the frame. All custom non-wooden parts are 3D printed aluminium. The external fork and woodwork are a result of the reinvention of the bike frame.

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