The Good Life

FAM-LAY is one lucky guy!  St Tropez, infinity pool, tequila…  Or you could flip it and say those are some lucky ladies(N*E*R*D dancers left and right and our old friend Wafaa), FAM-LAY about to be in the COFFIN in St Tropez by the infinity pool, notice they already have their bathing suits on to snatch him out of the water when he falls in.

Pumpkins Contest

Now even Pharrell & FAM-LAY are getting caught up in the carving mania…  FYI we can’t accept these in the contest since they did not follow the rules.

IMG_9659 Read More…

FAM remember this video?

Here is another video of FAM-LAY in action in 2005. A few things should be pointed out.
1- FAM-LAY starts rapping on queue after Eric Fawcett starts his rhyme
2- FAM thought he was doing an interview
3- How about Young Phillip

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