The most famous bat in the world

And our winner is: cavanisfidm.  Here is the full story from NASA as well as a few more pictures(how many megapixels does their cameras have anyway?).

Although we remained hopeful he would wake up and fly away, the bat eventually became IPR 119V-0080 after the ICE team finished their walkdown.  He did change the direction he was pointing from time to time throughout countdown but ultimately never flew away.  IR imagery shows he was alive and not frozen like many would think.  The surface of the ET foam is actually generally between 60-80 degrees F on a day like yesterday.  SE&I performed a debris analysis on him and ultimately a LCC waiver to ICE-01 was written to accept the stowaway.  Lift off imagery analysis confirmed that he held on until at least the vehicle cleared to tower before we lost sight of him.

And thus is the legend of the STS-119 Bat-ronaut….

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Contest Time!

First person who can guess what this picture is and the story behind it wins a prize!


It flies!

Here we go, the first flying car to actually fly!  The Terrafugia made it’s first test flight a few week ago!  Is this a good idea?  The problem still remains that if you are stuck in traffic this car still won’t do you any good.  This is more like a plane you can drive back to your house and park in your drive way!

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Wine Rack

Here is another interesting idea called the wine rack.  It reminds us of a story from Austin Texas.  The first year we went to SXSW we met these girls and one of them told us stories about sneaking in alcohol at Longhorns football games.  One of her trick was to attach flasks to a garter belt.  Shae remember that weekend?  Wonder if she came up with this?  On sale now for $29.95!


Busy P’s USA Tour

Our friend Busy P is coming back to tour in the US.  Pedro, now is the time to buy an apartment in New York, it’s even safe to ride a scooter here now!


Robots are here and more are coming!

Of course this one is from Japan.  Nice bangs!  The HRP-4C is scheduled to walk in a fashion show in Tokyo on March 23rd and in case you want your own, she will cost you about $3 Millions.  It seems that for that price you could get a few super models instead?  Hit the jump for the video.


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Headquarter Meet & Greet

As mentioned a few days ago, we went to check out our new account Headquarter for a meet & greet.  Ths store looks great and we’re glad to be well represented in Mexico City!  Thanks to everyone who showed up.

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