TALCS – Nikon D200

Reporters put their lives on the line to cover conflicts around the world.  This  Nikon D200 mounted on a rifle stalk seems like it would make their jobs even more dangerous unless you could also mount a grenade launcher on it!

tactical-camera-assault-long-range-stock Read More…

Nice Shot from Space

Gizmodo has a contributor space blogger this week.  Leroy Chiao is currently on the space station and has been sending down some interesting stories.  Check him out on Gizmodo.


Audi D7 Concept

You have to give it up, this is one of the best concept car we’ve put up on the blog, especially since it almost looks road ready.  This is some real “Tron-ish” s@%t right here!

audi-d7-concept-3-lg-550x435 Read More…

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