Bugatti Veyron Pur Sangs

We showed you this car before but now there is one available in Abu Dhabi and they posted better pictures.  Only 5 were made which sold out in no time.  No word on the price but the regular Veyron goes for $1.5 Million Dollars.

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Cassette Digitizer

We were just talking about cassettes and mixtapes the other day! Now some of you might have some classic mixtapes like Brucie Bee or Kid Cupri or you’re own mixes which you want to listen to on your iPod. This cassette digitizer will do that and also play that cassette if you don’t want the MP3 but for that you might as well use your deck. The MV-CM001U AKA “CASSETTE to DIGITAL” only has one small issue, the software to transform your music into digital files (CASSETTE MATE) only works with Windows XP or Vista and does not support Apple for now. $80, comes out in Japan in a few weeks.



Evo High-Performance Electric Superbike

UK-based Evo Design Solutions plans to debut its dashing new electric racing motorbike, the EV-0 RR, at the TTXGP zero-emissions grand prix on the Isle of Man in June. It features a lightweight carbon-fiber monocoque chassis, forkless single-sided front suspension and twin electric engines from Green Motorsport.



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