Busy P’s USA Tour

Our friend Busy P is coming back to tour in the US.  Pedro, now is the time to buy an apartment in New York, it’s even safe to ride a scooter here now!


Robots are here and more are coming!

Of course this one is from Japan.  Nice bangs!  The HRP-4C is scheduled to walk in a fashion show in Tokyo on March 23rd and in case you want your own, she will cost you about $3 Millions.  It seems that for that price you could get a few super models instead?  Hit the jump for the video.


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Headquarter Meet & Greet

As mentioned a few days ago, we went to check out our new account Headquarter for a meet & greet.  Ths store looks great and we’re glad to be well represented in Mexico City!  Thanks to everyone who showed up.

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Quick trip but Mexico City was great!  The media had a few people a little nervous about making this trip but it was a pleasant experience!

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Action Comics No. 1 from 1938 just sold at auction for $317,200.00.  This issue features Superman for the first time.  Check out the original S on his chest wasn’t too super!  John Dolmayan, the drummer for System of a Down bought it but shouldn’t Soulja Boy have stepped up?



In another amazing feat of time consuming work, someone took a bunch of musical performances from youtube and spent a lot of time editing them together to come up with this jam session.  Who knew!

via gizmodo.com

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