Today was a good day

The Columbia/Sony staff got to hear the new Clipse album today, we hope you guys are ready, it’s really an amazing album.  Pharrell also had 2 photoshoots and a show at Rutgers!  Another F/W sneak preview!


Mineral House

You have to love Japan.  They make the best use of minimal space and cramped environments.  This house in Tokyo is only 480 Sq Ft(45 Sq Meters).  Designed by architect Yasuhiro Yamashita.

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DH Concept Bicycle

Nice design, now we need our friend Joe from Brooklyn Machine Works to tell us if this can work, especially since this is meant as a downhill bike.  Check out the suspension system after the jump. Designed by Morteza Faghihi from Iran.

106488_t7drxp0jisreplzbcx5iptypv Read More…

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