The New Yorkers

Curated by Todd James and Mikkel Groennebaek at the V1Gallery opens this Friday.  Check it out if you are in town, quite a few of our friends work will be shown.


Nigo keeps up with the times

You can’t watch the news without hearing about pirates(& the possible pandemic it’s almost as though we are traveling in time).  Great timing for a Bape Pirate Store, Nigo never stops.

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Moscow Car Crashes

If we ever need more pictures of exotic car crashes for t-shirt designs we’ll make sure to check out Moscow.  These cars are actually not that easy to drive and people buying them should be forced to take special driving classes as they can be quite dangerous when in the hands of a bad driver.  The Lamborghini below was going about 124MPH on the streets of Moscow when the 16 year old driver hit another car.  When it was all said and done 3 other cars were destroyed.   FYI, everyone survived these crashes.

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