The Best Job In The World?

The Board of Tourism in Queensland Australia is offering what it’s calling the best job in the world.  They are looking for 1 person to move into a house on an island and basically blog about the experience.  You need to be able to swim and snorkel, speak English since you will also be required to do some interviews and use a computer to blog.  The job pays $150,000.00 Autralian Dollars which is roughly $105,000.00 US Dollars.  Not bad unless you happen to swin into a pissed off white tip reef shark!  For the rest of the requirements and an application click here!

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New Polaroid Camera

A lot of people were upset when Polaroid announced that it would stop making it’s famous cameras and Polaroid film.  Here is their new camera which hopefully will be just as fun as the old ones, plus you get to look at your picture before printing it this time around.  Also, there is no ink cartridge which is another plus.  It comes out in March, let’s see if it takes off. Polaroid PoGo $200.


Some artists really push the envelope. Joshua Allen Harris is one of those artists! We’ve never seen these in New York but are on the look out:


Surfing USA

Does your fire department have a surf board on it’s trucks?  In Hawaii they do:

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