Flip Ultra HD

Here is the new Flip Ultra HD.  This is a great little video camera to carry around.  A few of our guys have them on the road and the now famous McDonald dance and song video was filmed on one.  It’s $200 and you can record up to 2 hours of footage.  Another great feature is that it has a built in USB connection so you will not need any additional wires.  See you on youtube.

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LV x Takashi Murakami

We posted the new bar code designed by Takashi Murakami for Louis Vuitton the other day and now here are a few pictures of the Murakami redesigned Omotesendo LV store in Tokyo.  In a bad economy, LV is making sure that it releases money makers, it started with the Stephen Sprouse Graffiti re-release this season and now new items from Takashi Murakami.  Smart.

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Blue Bee 8th Anniversary

Blue Bee is celebrating their 8th Anniversary this weekend.  If you live in the Santa Barbara area stop by the store for some special deals including Billionaire Boys Club & Ice Cream.


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