Blue Bee 8th Anniversary

Blue Bee is celebrating their 8th Anniversary this weekend.  If you live in the Santa Barbara area stop by the store for some special deals including Billionaire Boys Club & Ice Cream.


Citröen Karin Concept from 1980

Concept cars are supposed to show us what the future holds.  Here is a Citröen concept from 1980.  The best part is the middle driving seat with the 2 passenger seats on each side like the McLaren F1, the rest is a little shaky.

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A letter from D.A. & Chester French

Hey everyone,
It’s D.A. from Chester French writing to you here from Jacksonville, FL. We just landed here an hour ago after spending 24 of the most exciting hours of our lives in New York, where we finally, after 5 years of work, released our debut album, “Love the Future.”

This morning I woke up and was blown away to see that the album, without any radio play, was #3 on the iTunes pop charts, only behind blockbuster acts Lady Gaga and Dave Matthews. As of last night we were the #13 album on iTunes overall, and at this moment we’re resting at a steady #15. If we can break into the top 10, however, we’ll be able to take our (and Star Trak’s) movement of creativity and quality music to the next level!

We’ve already announced that if we get in the top 10 on iTunes we’ll release a song that no one has ever heard before. But I wanted to take it a step further for you guys since our BBC and Ice Cream-loving supporters have been with us from the beginning. So here’s the deal: Read More…

The Guppy Plane

Who knew something like this could fly?  N.A.S.A. uses it to transport satelites and large cargo.


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