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Our Gold Billionaire Boys Club leather back pack is featured in the new Paper Magazine, the bag will be released February 15th!

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Fighter Pilots

It takes a lot to be a fighter pilot and having to deal with G forces is just one of those things.  Some deal with it better than others!  Who would you want to fly your jet?  This guy:

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Where are the wings

This car looks like it should have wings but it’s just an electrical car.  Again looks really fragile for the intense road raging US streets and the pot holes.  BTW, it only has 3 wheels!  Made by Aptera, it will be released in California in October.  No final price but it will be between $25K and $40K.  More info  at

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New NASA Lunar vehicle unveiled

We did get a glimpse of this vehicle at the end of the presidential inauguration parade but they did not give it much light but someone in the grand stand got some good footage. Hopefully President Obama won’t be cutting NASA’s budget too much and we can head back to the moon soon (2020). The Lunar Electric Rover was tested in the Arizona desert last October and is run by a plug-in electric Lithium-ion battery.


Roadable Aircraft

We’re not sure this is a good idea even though we like the concept.  A fender bender could really create some real issues once in flight?  Plus you still have to drive to the runway, but once you get there you can fly 500 miles on a full tank of gas.  Test flights are set to begin and thus far 40 people have put down deposits. Price tag: $194,000.00.  Made by Terrafugia:

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