Heart & Mind Hoodie

Phillip & Scott are wearing our first Flagship Exclusive item of the season, our Billionaire Boys Club Heart & Mind Hoodie.  The hoodie comes in Black & Grey and will be available in limited quantities at our New York City store at noon this Saturday(February 28th).

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Galaxies full of Earths & Alien Life?

Hopefully we’ll find out soon enough, but it would only make sense since there are billions of known galaxies that have yet to be explored and who knows how many more to be discovered.  It sure would take everybody’s mind off of the financial crisis if they announced that they found Alien Life.  Another reason why we hope that President Obama won’t be cutting NASA’s budget too much!  Read the full story after the jump!

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U.S. Navy looking for a taker

We feature a lot of yachts on this site but this is the ultimate James Bond vessel!

PROVIDENCE, R.I. — Anybody want some top-secret seagoing vessels? The Navy has a pair it doesn’t need anymore. It has been trying to give them away since 2006, and they’re headed for the scrap yard if somebody doesn’t speak up soon.


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