Time’s Person of the Year

Congrats to President Barack Obama on his second term.  Check out how this 3D cardboard portrait was made after the jump!

Via MyModernMet.

Michael Murphy, an artist known for his multi-layered sculptures, has unveiled a new sculpture that he created for TIME Magazine. This 8′ x 6′ x 7′ sculpture of President Barack Obama, composed of cardboard, was made to commemorate TIME Magazine’s annual Person of the Year issue (for their iPad edition). 66 hand-cut cardboard plates compose an organized, graphic portrait of Obama when looked at straight on. When the viewer walks around the sculpture, each layer is viewed as a separate piece; the edges of the cardboard layers are painted in red and blue to indicate the electoral divide. Murphy states, “The goal with this piece was to capture Barack Obama’s essence in a way that formally referenced the current political climate in America and offered a tactile glimpse at the divide between its two dominant political parties… In the distortion, viewers are encouraged to see the red and blue edges of the plates as indications of the electoral divides. From the side, the forward momentum of the piece, as it protrudes out into space suggests growth, progress, movement, and the partisan divide.”