adidas Shoe Design with a Rhythm Composer Built In

Marketing and creative agency, Neely & Daughters has created a custom concept/prototype for MIadidas—a customizable adidas shoe line—incorporating breakdance culture and the infamous Roland TR-808 Rhythm Composer. The Roland TR-808 is a drum machine responsible for a plethora hits, from the origins of hip-hop in the 1980s to its current status as the foundation of trap music. Kanye West even created and dedicated an entire album to beat machine (808s and Heartbreaks).

Not only is the customized sneaker design inspired by the TR-808, but it can actually make beats. Outfitted with tempo control and a start/stop button, there are also six pre-programmed settings to give a budding producer their start. Additionally, the shoe has a speaker, USB port, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth built-in.

Currently, there are no plans to bring the Neely Air into production. Click the jump for images of the Neely & Daughters customized adidas Mi sneaker.

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