Pedro Winter/Headbanger Records

Our friend Pedro Winter from Paris was in town this week and we caught up to him last night at Mark Ronson’s birthday party. Pedro aka Busy P aka The French Connection aka Shibuya Man aka the Man of Many Blogs has been down with our movement for a long time now and we in return support him and his movement. Check him out next time he hits your town to DJ and check out his artists(Daft Punk, Justice, DJ Medhi, Uffie….). For more info check out the link to Busy P’s Myspace page

also his official site for his label:

Ed Banger Records

Where’s Pedro?

There’s Pedro:


Coney Island

Will Coney Island ever be the same again? This Labor Day week end might have been the last days of the Coney Island most New Yorkers know(and a few adventurous tourists). Due to some real estate deal which is yet to be 100% confirmed the area could go through some major changes which would have a major impact on the area and it’s famous attraction park.

For more information check the links below:

Coney Island History

Official Site

What will happen to all the freaks?


Will the world famous Cyclone survive?


What about the Wonder Wheel?


Harvey Nichols London

For those of you guys that happen to be in London or will be in London, check out our new area at Harvey Nichols, they really set us upnicely! Make sure to also check out our official reatiler list on the home page, we have added quit a few accounts in Europe.



Rockin’ Jelly Bean

We have added our first item of the season designed by Rockin’ Jelly Bean. We have already released the first 2 t-shirts featuring his artwork in Japan and they sold out in a few hours. We have full zip sweatshirts coming this fall as well which you might have already spotted on Pharrell.

For more info on Rockin’ Jelly Bean check out his site:

You can also read a quick bio at:

David “Shadi” Perez

You guys might have noticed that we have used David Perez aka Shadi to shoot our last 4 look books. Shadi is an old friend of ours and has been taking pictures for a while but also directed some great videos in the 90s. Check out his site:

New website

BBC site 2007 We’re happy to announce the brand new Billionaire Boys Club/Ice Cream website. In addition to the new home page and blog, we added a lot of new products and a brand new look book for season 5. Check it out!

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