ARMY OF LOVERS: Spring 2018 Collection

 ARMY OF LOVERS, the Billionaire Boys Club Global Spring 2018 Collection is begin fully delivered this Saturday, 2.10.18, at the NYC, EU and Japan Flagships. Named ARMY OF LOVERS for the collection's reflection on political climates and societal reaction, the theme seen throughout stem from war, rebellion and unity. Inspiration is found directly from the counter-culture youth of the late 1960s. The U.S. capsule emulates this inspiration with re-envisioned imagery of battle seen with bomber planes releasing flowers instead of weapons. Camouflage prints on reversible jackets and track pants and tops are heavily used, as well as reflective tape accents. 

 With the same token of the war and peace theme, the Billionaire Boys Club E.U. capsule resonates by incorporating inspiration from the Human Be-In event held in San Francisco 1967, which was a beginning force for a divergent movement that focused on the ideals of personal empowerment, political decentralization and higher consciousness with the aid of psychedelic drug use. The theme is seen on E.U.'s pieces via embroidered floral designs and custom all-over print featuring classic BBC logo graphics juxtaposed with "headline" iconography from the late 60's tabloids. All designs within the global collection live on a range of silhouettes including t-shirts, hoodies, cut and sew pieces, track and sweat pants, and hats.

The aesthetic for the Spring '18 Collection look book juxtaposes the opposing personalities of war—militant and peaceful. Models don military-style over-shirts and jackets with berets—all associated with militant groups, as well as pieces with floral and psychedelic designs, nodding to the hippie "Flower Children" of the 60s that opposed war and wanted only peace. 

The U.S. capsule from the global Spring '18 collection will be available at the NYC Flagship, website and authorized stockists throughput the country this weekend, while the E.U. capsule is now available at the NYC and London Flagships and websites.  

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