ICECREAM x Black Sand Surf

ICECREAM and Black Sand Surf, a surf and arts collective in LA, have teamed up for a special project. The collaboration aims to promote diversity and inclusivity in the surf community by merging creativity with activity and fostering a multicultural and harmonious future.

Inspired by ICECREAM's commitment to community and diversity, Black Sand Surf seeks to create a more welcoming space for Black and brown individuals in the surfing world. The collective was founded by BRICK and Gage after BRICK faced a racial slur while surfing. They have since organized meet-ups to introduce newcomers to surfing and break down biases.

For this project, the collaboration enlisted Rwanda-native visual artist Alain Gakwaya to design a unique capsule tee and customize a one-of-a-kind surfboard with Rwandan-inspired artwork. The surfboard was crafted by Andy Williams of Stranded Tiki Surfboards, a shaper of color based in Galveston, Texas.

The mission-driven project features Billionaire Boys Club and ICECREAM swim shorts, towels, and a limited edition "Set the Tone" t-shirt. The t-shirt will be available for pre-order on for 48 hours, with $30 from each sale supporting Black Sand Surf's initiatives. Additionally, one lucky customer will have the chance to win the exclusive Alain Gakwaya surfboard.

“I’m an artist first, but surfing has changed the way I live my life,'' BRICK, co-founder of Black Sand Surf, told us. “When I surf, I feel closer to God...and I wish that every human on Earth could have the opportunity to experience it in that way..."

"...Unfortunately, there have been systemic barriers of entry for people that look like us and social barriers of entry that still exist. Black Sand is our way of hopping over those barriers and reclaiming a space that was rightfully always ours to share".

"Our existence is resistance."


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