BBC ICECREAM Joins the Akuverse

On the heels of our BB3 introduction and manifesto announcement, we're super excited to share that BBC ICECREAM is joining the Akuverse.

After having a pivotal conversation with his nephew who asked if astronauts could be Black, artist Micah Johnson, realized his purpose was to inspire the youth to believe that they can be anything. Fast forward to a couple years after his first painting, Micah has now immersed his artwork into the metaverse, with visuals that take us on the journey of Aku—the Black boy astronaut that represents all of our dreams.

Driven by similar values of innovation, culture, inclusion and inspiration, we joined forces with Micah to create our very first NFT project. This Friday, April 22nd, join the Akuverse by bidding for an AKUTAR character with characteristics inspired by BBC and ICECREAM Classic graphics.  

The AKUTAR launch will feature 15,000 characters—600 of which will have BBC or ICECREAM traits and available in tiers: LEGENDARY, EPIC, and RARE.  




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