Bee Line

War and Peace aren't mutually exclusive. Countries that may not be involved in massive armed conflicts are still at war, if you look below the surface. It's an ongoing struggle for things like influence, ideology, and power. Battle lines have been drawn. Just like conventional wars, this kind of cultural combat is fueled by money. Your money. Consumer dollars are at the heart of the daily fight for peoples' hearts and minds. You may not think how you spend makes a difference, but it does.

β€œIt's a weapon. It's a message. It's a way to effect change.”

Bee Line is back, and War and Peace is the theme of our new collection. We've chosen sides, and our message is simple:

Hate has no place in our world

We've also chosen to manufacture exclusively in the US, Canada and Japan, using high-quality materials. By doing this, we are supporting fair labor practices, and placing craftsmanship and quality above the bottom line. Buying Bee Line means what you spend supports the just treatment of skilled workers--people who take pride in what they do and deserve to be able to support themselves and their families.

It's time to fight back and join the Army of Lovers.

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