Billionaire Boys Club Spring 2022


Drawing inspiration from the abstract expressionist movement and the ancient Japanese tradition of Bonsai, the BBC Spring ‘22 Collection theme is based on the ethos of ‘Freedom in Expression’ in music, art and culture.

The designs and patterns of the collection pieces were inspired by the visual work of artists Jackson Pollock and Sam Gilliam, both known for the experimental quality to their work. African American artist, Sam Gilliam, was a pioneer in the art world - instead of the traditional painting on stretched canvas, his works were suspended from the ceiling, transforming the norm. Similarly, Jackson Pollock’s expressive drip paintings were revolutionary at the time and broke the norm of canvas on easel painting.

For this collection, the main all-over pattern is a Bonsai-inspired camouflage print which draws inspiration from the ancient Japanese art form, with introspection and contemplation at its core. Spring staple fabrics such as Herringbone Twill and patchwork denim are translated into workwear styles, while incorporating Pollock’s drip technique applied to both fleece and denim pieces and the abstract brush strokes of Gilliam featured on the fleece set and vacation shirt.

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