Billionaire Boys Club Taps Americana Culture for Spring 2019


This Spring, we tapped 1950s Auto Club nostalgia and mid-century Americana culture for the Billionaire Boys Club Spring 2019 Collection.

Known for heritage workwear, Americana style stems from Western small-town aesthetics—raw denim, utility shirts, field jackets and flannels—made for function and practicality over fashion. This concept has been reversed in streetwear, where the same silhouettes are now perceived and worn as style statement pieces and can be considered the “New Americana”.  


Finding deeper inspiration from America’s historical popular culture during World War II brought us to the American pastime of customizing cars into out-of-this-world machines and the groups of people that come together to show them off in auto car clubs.


This inspiration is interpreted in the Billionaire Boys Club Spring 2019 Collection with vintage silhouettes, seen with postmodern graphics like this season’s ‘Custom Rockets’ design as a nod to 1950s-60s style automobiles, along with classic car jackets featuring designs that nod to the National Hot Rod Association—a drag racing community founded in 1951 in California, USA.

The Billionaire Boys Club Spring 2019 Collection will be available on and at the NYC Flagship on Friday, February 1st, and coming to the JP Flagship soon.





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