Billionaire Boys Club Winter 2023

Billionaire Boys Club shares its Winter 2023 campaign, "Life of the Party," celebrating the brand's 20th Anniversary. This season marks the culmination of a memorable year, highlighting Billionaire Boys Club's rich heritage. The campaign features a captivating soiree theme, paying tribute to two decades of exceptional fashion and style.

"The Scientist" | The collection draws inspiration from human curiosity and the innate drive to explore and experiment. Just like the iconic scientists who've expanded our understanding of the Universe and the Solar System, this collection's design story features stunning artwork paying homage to their contributions.

Design Techniques | To bring this concept to life, we've employed new techniques in knit, embroidery, and print design. These innovative approaches are evident in our heavyweight pieces, showcasing intricate details that set our collection apart.


Take an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the campign shoot for Billionaire Boys Club Winter 2023.

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