Billionaire Boys Club x Soulection

We're proud to announce that we teamed up with music collective Soulection, for a NYC Flagship exclusive collection, releasing Thursday, February 1st . With our origin tied to music, we've always thought it made sense to tap the minds and work of music artists for some of our designs and collections. 
From Sean John and Rocawear to YEEZY, Fenty x PUMA, and of course BBC ICECREAM, music and its creators have historically, and still have a strong impact and influence on fashion. Artists have loaned their creative minds beyond the music studio and onto the drawing boards of some of your favorite clothing designs. Fashion inspiration has been cherry picked from these artists appearing in lavish music videos and vibrant magazine covers wearing either their own labels or statement pieces from well-known fashion houses, embellished with their personal touch.
The Billionaire Boys Club x Soulection capsule brings us back to music and fashion of the early 2000s, featuring designs that have a hint of OG BBC ICECREAM nostalgia while incorporating designs to represent Soulection and their work. Within the collection, BBC typeface and logo head is seen with the word "Soulection". Inspiration from Soulection's international reach is also incorporated in designs with the word "Worldwide" seen on most of the pieces and a geometric wireframe graphic of two overlapping globes. Additional design elements include the Soulection eye logo and “The Sound of Tomorrow”—a phrase commonly used by Joe Kay, the music collective’s co-founder and host, to describe the Beats 1 radio show—incorporating the Billionaire Boys Club space camo print within.
Accessories are also included in the capsule, featuring an OG style trucker hat, a tote bag with the Billionaire Boys Club and Soulection logos, and a 32gb USB stick pre-loaded with the Soulection White Label compilation. 
"This collaboration means everything to me because ever since I was in high school all I ever wanted to do was dress different & express myself similarly to BBC’s Season 0 Collection," said Joe Kay. "I find myself thinking about how ahead of time Pharrell and Nigo were since they first started the brand. Everything about this collaboration feels right because it’s genuine,” he continues. “We had to bring back some OG BBC classic styles and color ways to give people that nostalgic feeling just as if it was the early 2000's all over again. This is definitely a dream come true to bring both of our worlds together and create something timeless.”
To prelude Soulection's first show of their 7 year anniversary tour, the Billionaire Boys Club NYC Flagship will be hosting a BBC X SOULECTION Collection Release Event, which will be open to 25 random winners. The first 100 customers to purchase a BBC X SOULECTION item on Thursday, February 1st, will be entered to win access to the private event.
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