Billionaire Boys Club's First Collector's Item

We brought our Astronaut logo to life with the introduction of our first collector's item: the limited-edition Billionaire Boys Club Moon Man "LANDING 001". 

Standing at 12in/30cm, the vinyl model features realistic details, dons the Flying "B" Logo on its chest and full Billionaire Boys Club straight logo on its life support backpack. 

"LANDING 001" comes in a moon-grey colorway, which is the first hue to be seen in the series of future Moon Man releases that will feature various thematic designs and colors. 

Limited to 150 models only, Moon Man "LANDING 001" comes with a numbered silver coin—further adding to its exclusive nature. 

In celebration of the first Billionaire Boys Club Moon Man, a select number of models have been signed by Pharrell Williams and will be available at random—allowing purchasers an equal opportunity to secure the coveted model. 

The Billionaire Boys Club Moon Man "LANDING 001" will be available on Monday, January 21st at 12pm ET on, the BBC ICECREAM NYC Flagship and Miami pop-up. 

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