Take a Vacation Through Space

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to take a vacation to space? NASA has recently dropped a whimsical video showcasing what it would be like to take a trip to anywhere you would like in space. The special video will show you what it could be like kayaking on Saturn’s water-covered moon Titan or skydiving from a exoplanet.

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It’s finally happening, we’re getting an UFO Task Force. Thanks to the help of the internet, UFO sightings have increased. It’s to the point that even the Government hasn’t been able to figure out what some of the sightings actually are. Due to this, the Defense Department has finally created a task force to figure out what’s going on. With all of our recent discoveries of possible liveable planets, we can only assume that we are getting closer to truly discovering Alien Life.

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Since the start, Earth has been deprived of the cool rings that planets such as Saturn have. This may change very soon, as Earth may be upgrading it’s look with its own rings. The only downside is it may be made of trash. With both Bezos and Musk aiming to send satellites and other tech into space, Scientists say space pollution will ultimately increase causing us to eventually gain a ring

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Do you ever wonder what could be out there? In our search for other life, we have grown used to the idea of other life living on a lone planet far away. Our Milky Way system is a unique one not only because of it's name, but also because of the life that exists within it. Recently, scientists have found a new Milky Way system that underwent a similar Supernova like us. The only catch is it's 23 million light-years away.

Who knows what this new Milky Way could hold. It could possibly hold similar life to ours or maybe something new. For now, we will have to settle imagining what could exist in a different system. With scientists now discovering a new system, we may up our game and try to travel millions of light-years within a short period.

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