Changing the Conversation about Breast Cancer

Leave it to women to create a refreshing new take on our very own health. This month, Billionaire Girls Club is doing just that by opening up the conversation about breast cancer awareness. We want to enrich the strength of women, stand together, and spark enticing dialogue about women's health- and we’re starting by changing the outdated portrayal about breast health. Let’s really talk about the beauty of our bodies.

Breast cancer in young women is hardly spoken about, which is why we want to reiterate what it means to take care of your body. Although it may seem as if breast cancer in young women is a myth, 11% of cases in the United States stem from younger women, and some may be at higher risk than others. According to the CDC, women who are at high risk may have close relatives who were diagnosed with breast or ovarian cancer, recent changes in certain breast cancer genes (BRCA1 and BRCA2), or it could stem from a particular family heritage *site cdc*. But don’t worry- this does not mean that you are riddled with breast cancer, but it should push the narrative of overall body health and awareness. Body positivity starts with you.



The journey of breast cancer, and staying aware of breast health does not need to be stigmatized [or as narrow as the messaging women have heard for ages!]. The simple fact is that women are finally naturalizing the narrative surrounding breast cancer. Stereotypes have quite literally resurfaced, especially about breast implants, that carry falsehood-- let’s talk about it. Studies have shown that there is no link between breast implants, and breast cancer, unless there is history of breast cancer in your family tree. *link webmd* So, get real- stereotypical illusions forced women to somehow believe the two were counteractive, they’re not.

What can we do to stay aware and productive about breast health? We can start with understanding the concept that what we do with our bodies now can affect us in the future- so we should view body positivity through a fresh lens. Some tips to help prevent breast cancer are exercising regularly, avoiding exposure to chemicals that can cause cancer (carcinogens), and even figuring out which birth control contraception works best for YOU and your body. *site cdc*

During breast cancer awareness month, Billionaire Girls Club has partnered with graphic illustrator, Tiffany Tran to illustrate our message as a powersource for women. Together, our voices capture the divinity of being in control of our bodies, and now is the time to reclaim our womanhood.  

As we start to shift the impression on women’s health, we should take a stand toward dominating our essence. The nature and beauty of women will be accentuated throughout the campaign especially as we dig deeper into collaborating with diverse women to represent our message. Check out the #ChangetheConversation tips, messages and more on Instagram @billionairegirlsclub.