19.09.23 Worldwide

In an epic meeting of minds, Billionaire Boys Club and Clarks come together to celebrate and embrace our cultural footprints that have enriched global communities for decades. From the bustling streets of London, the vibrant beats of the Caribbean Islands, to the majestic skylines of New York City, this collaboration salutes the widespread influence both brands have made.


A Legacy of Influence:

Clarks, the iconic British footwear brand, and Billionaire Boys Club, the renowned streetwear label founded by Pharrell Williams and Nigo, have left an indelible mark on the global cultural landscape. Each entity has its own unique history and style, making their partnership all the more exciting.



From London's Streets to the World:

Clarks, with its roots tracing back to 1825, has been a fixture on the streets of London for nearly two centuries. The brand's enduring appeal has transcended generations and continues to be embraced by diverse communities worldwide. Its signature Wallabee silhouette has become synonymous with timeless style and comfort, embodying the essence of British footwear.

Billionaire Boys Club, on the other hand, emerged from the creative minds of Pharrell Williams and Nigo, combining elements of streetwear, music, and art. With an ethos deeply rooted in individuality and self-expression, Billionaire Boys Club has garnered a global following, becoming a beacon of contemporary urban culture.


The Clarks x Billionaire Boys Club Wallabees, sculpted from premium Italian suede, showcase the classic BBC Diamonds & Dollars in tonal prints, giving the suede a sophisticated aesthetic. And there's a surprise for the wearer—a hidden BBC Mantra message tucked neatly under the shoe's tongue. The sustainable element hasn't been overlooked either, with the shoe's sole crafted from part-recycled natural rubber pebble crepe. The additional contrasting laces and custom logo fobs further amplify the shoe's distinctiveness.



A Palette of Deep Hues:

The collection boasts an exclusive trio of deep Fall-inspired hues, each reflecting a different facet of the partnership's cultural journey. These colors pay homage to the rich diversity of experiences shared by Clarks and Billionaire Boys Club, from the historic streets of London to the vibrant beats of the Caribbean and the urban energy of New York City.


Find the Orange colorway exclusively at Billionaire Boys Club Global Flagships and websites. 



As we indulge in this exclusive collection, you are invited to partake in a tradition redefined—a tradition that embraces diversity, creativity, and the timeless appeal of cultural influence. The Billionaire Boys Club x Clarks collaboration is more than just fashion; it's a cultural ode to legacy and a redefinition of tradition