Club Talk with Ev Bravado + Tela D'Amore of WhoDecidesWar

Down at the BBC Miami Flagship, BBC Ice Cream hosted a Club Talk with Lobos Tequila to sit down with the creators of Who Decides War - Ev Bravado and Téla D’Amore.

Streetwear meets sustainability within WDW. The contemporary designs have drawn the presence of industry giants like Virgil Abloh, J-Balvin, and Heron Preston to the front row of their runways.

Watch the full Club above talk as Goldie Harris, Ev Bravado and Téla D’Amore discuss WDW’s journey, Virgil Abloh’s impact on the brand, and what's in store for the duo’s future.


Watch the full Club talk and view the gallery below. A special thank you to Lobos Tequila and DJ Sioben Bell.