Club Talk | Datwon Thomas at Cam Kirk Studios

The Venue: Cam Kirk Studios

Cam Kirk Studios, a well-known creative space, served as the perfect backdrop for this enlightening evening. Its artistic atmosphere and state-of-the-art facilities created an ideal setting for meaningful conversations and the exchange of creative ideas. Read more about Billionaire Boys Club creative lab with Cam Kirk studios here.

Datwon Thomas: A Pillar of Black Media

Datwon Thomas, with his illustrious career in media, stood at the forefront of this conversation. As the Editor in Chief of VIBE Magazine, his influence on the world of music, fashion, and culture is undeniable. Thomas's work has been instrumental in shaping the narrative of Black excellence and representation in the media.

Cam Kirk: Capturing the Essence of Culture

Joining Datwon Thomas on stage was Cam Kirk, a photographer whose lens has been instrumental in capturing the essence of contemporary culture. Through his powerful imagery, Kirk has played a vital role in showcasing the diversity, beauty, and strength of Black individuals and communities.

Celebrating the Impact of Black Magazines

The heart of this club talk revolved around the impact of Black magazines.

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