Billionaire Girls Club and Cam Kirk Studios officially partnered with I.W.Harper to host a special ladies-only Creator's Night Out down in Atlanta. The event was a smashing success, with attendees enjoying a night of celebrating the Billionaire Girls Club International Women's Month Spring Collection.

The event was held at Cam Kirk studios, filled with Atlanta's best. Guests were treated to exquisite drinks, and complimentary nail art by the talented @kimmcao. The event also featured a professional photo booth, providing attendees with the perfect opportunity to capture the night's memories.

Throughout the evening, the guests were adorned in the latest Billionaire Girl's Club Spring capsule while enjoying DJ sets from @producedbydjdhurt, @poizonnn, and @go.cwatss.

he event showcased the best of female positivty, culture and fashion, providing an insightful, fun, and uplifting experience for all attendees.

Check out the images below!