iamOTHER Releases Dining Tools for the Modern Sustainable World

As coronavirus continues to present itself in society, the restaurant scene has been limited to take-out and outside dining. As many question what cleaning protocols restaurants and stores are following, it has left Pentatonic brainstorming to create a solution. In collaboration with Pharrell Williams’ creative collective, iamOTHER, the companies have created The Pebble—a personal cutlery set people can bring with them to restaurants. The kit includes a knife, spoon, fork, straw, and chopsticks that fold away into a small case that can be taken anywhere.

The set is made out of recycled CDs as acknowledgment to Pharrell’s music career. As music has shifted significantly from CDs to streaming services, billions of discs have been disposed of in the USA. Not to worry—the discs are cleaned and sorted in a very thorough process that removes any harmful materials and metal.


The set was originally made for people who were looking for sustainable utensil alternatives for festivals and eating at work. Since the pandemic hit, it has made the collaboration more needed in the future of everyday life. It gives people a safer option to eat out and enjoy it at the same time.

With reusable utensils, it helps the planet from waste. Single-use plastic is extremely bad for the environment that affects wildlife, the ecosystem, and the atmosphere. 


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