Introducing ICECREAM Made in Italy


ICECREAM—known for its iconic, bold statement prints—is back this fall with the debut of a new luxury line, ICECREAM Made in Italy.

With design direction by Matthew Chevallard, the new line focuses on maintaining quality craftsmanship. Designs nod to OG ICECREAM designs while juxtaposing them on fine Italian material—all of which are hand- assembled in the city of Marche, Italy. Putting footwear, accessories and lifestyle goods at the center of its offerings, ICECREAM Made in Italy provides the luxe streetwear accoutrements that have been highly coveted, as of late. 

"My intent is to pay homage to Nigo and Pharrell and the foundation they built for the luxury and fashion world we live in today, through their iconic designs," says Chevallard. "I wanted to create Made in Italy to bring back the artisan tradition and quality of the brand in the early 2000s, and in doing so I'm expressing ICECREAM's original DNA." 

The first capsule incorporates the iconic Diamond & Dollar all-over print first seen on the original ICECREAM sneakers circa 2003, now seen as satin-embroidery on Bottolato Leather and fine brushed velour footwear, and a skate deck. Accessories bulk up the capsule, with a trucker hat, socks, suede money trays and an 18k Vermeil Gold ICECREAM Drip Logo charm necklace. 

ICECREAM Made in Italy Capsule I will have very limited quantities available at the Billionaire Boys Club NYC Flagship on Saturday, September 15th at 12pm EST.  



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