We are excited to announce the release of the much anticipated, ICECREAM Winter 2021 collection.

For our campaign, we were inspired by yearbook portraits. Often seen as mundane, we wanted to inject the ICECREAM touch and create a fun and playful shoot. We invited our models to let their personalities shine and add their own touch to each shot. Designs were inspired by classic vintage styles with ICECREAM motifs spread across the styles.

ICECREAM Winter 2021 is available now at our NYC Flagship, Miami pop-up, and on


PHOTOGRAPHER: Cian Moore (@cianmoore)

PHOTOGRAPHY ASSISTANT: Mathew Yoscary (@youngeggz)

STYLIST: Brandon (@branduh)

HAIR: Kazu (@kazukatahira)

MAKE UP: MIKA @Mika_ishikura



BRYANT (@peenutskates)

JORDAN (@kidz.lyfe)

JASON (@jayyslost)


KEN (@kenduzen)

HARRY (@jayyslost)

JAZZ (@Jazz_thesnowman)

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