It's Time to Take That First Step to Becoming a Voter

Let's talk about the power behind collectivism and the strength of voting. With the 2020 presidential election quickly approaching, recent discussion has resurfaced about the importance of forging alliances, especially for the younger generation and BIPOC communities. We’ve partnered with When We All Vote to help our community to prepare for the upcoming election. 

WHY VOTE? For years, voting culture was portrayed as a task, a burden, even. But, now, more than ever, our perception has shifted, and understanding the power of the people is at its peak. It is necessary that everyone's voice is heard and acknowledged as we push toward reforming our political landscape. Our focus captures the gripping idea that voting is an essential product of freedom. 

Knowledge is power. The role of voting highlights the crucial way that the future of this country can be changed as a direct result of your voice. The systemic injustice of limiting the power of BIPOC has proven to be significant, the suppression of voices and communities has charged a global shift in simply being present during election season. 

American Democracy. We the people demand honesty, legislation, and voter equality. The simplistic power of collaborating, working together, and applying pressure on the systemic oppression characterized upon us can be profound. The time is now, stand up for what you believe in-- simply make a difference by creating the reality you want to be a part of, make your voice known and use this power to increase collaborative action between you and our democracy.  

TAKE ACTION: Be aware of the election dates! On election day, hop in a car with friends and VOTE. The voice of BIPOC and the younger generation will shift the nation as we know it. Here are some important electoral dates to keep in mind: 


(Click the link below for more information concerning electoral dates in your state)

Registering to vote is a crucial step to see this country become a visionary place for growth, inclusivity, community, and acceptance. The soul of the youth-based audience and communities of color generate an important voice within the culture. Our stance towards inclusion and self awareness embodies the true nature of being an essential voice in society. 

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