Event Recap | Billionaire Boys Club x King of Creamz

Pharrell's unveiling of the ICECREAM Boardflips in his "Drop it Like It's Hot" music video marked a significant moment in ICECREAM's history, setting the stage for future endeavors. The Boardflips, followed by the Boutiques, captured the attention of sneaker enthusiasts with their innovative designs, symbolizing a departure from conventional sneaker culture. These unique styles became a symbol for those willing to embrace unconventional footwear choices. Today, fans continue to showcase their dedication by preserving vintage ICECREAM pairs from the early 2000s, with notable collectors like David Pierce, known as The King of Creamz, amassing an impressive collection of over 75 authentic pairs spanning various releases and rarities

Watch a recap of King of Creamz speaking with sneaker aficionado, Fresco Wilson at our NYC Flagship about hidden ICECREAM gems.

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