NASA's Worm Logo is Making a Comeback in Space

Nasa’s old ‘worm’ logo that was design in 1975 is having a revival. In May, the SpaceX Falcon 9 will again bring this logo into space when it carries two NASA astronauts up. Which will be the first NASA launch taking place on American soil in the past nine years. 


Although the circular ‘meatball’ logo, which was originally designed in the 1950’s has been back in ‘orbit’ use since 1992, and during some of NASA’s more impressive missions, like Apollo 11, people who grew up in the 80’s haven’t forgotten about the ‘worm’ logo. It has stayed relevant through pop culture and especially in fashion. In 2017, NASA allowed the usage of the ‘worm’ logo and it hasn’t stopped being used since then, appearing on brands like Heron Preston, Vans, and even in our BBC NASA capsule. 

Hamish Smyth, a New York based graphic designer and co-founder of the Standards Manual, re-published a NASA document on the worm logo five years ago describing how and why they should bring it back. After the joy of seeing this come to life he said, “What they were trying to represent in the ’70s was cutting-edge technology. They got it so right that it still looks like cutting-edge technology even though it’s close to 40 years later.” 

Which is also very representative of the new technology and space-exploration hope that SpaceX has ignited. When the ‘worm’ logo first came out, it was an inspiration to the nation. Bringing it back is indicative of more new findings and exciting developments to come out of space travel.