During ComplexCon, N.E.R.D made a an appearance on Pharrell's OTHERtone, along with Rob Walker, Pusha-T, and more. 
Watch them discuss how N.E.R.D began, their time being together and making music, their new album and getting a special feature from André 3000. 
"We made this music for anybody that's going through something and just needs a mirror. Just look at it and see yourself and see the potential," said Pharrell. "We wouldn't be in this place right now if you didn't recognize the ability you have within yourselves to galvanize and stand up to the system," he continued. 

Check out pics and the full interview vid below.


20171105_OTHERtone_NERD_Complexcon_10min_03sec_LongEditV2 from BBC ICECREAM on Vimeo.