RECAP: Creative Quarantine Digital Conversation with Women Driving the Culture

This past week, Billionaire Girls Club and The Future Party teamed up to host a three-day virtual event, Creative Quarantine, where women across the industry joined us for different panels where they talked about all things streetwear. People had the opportunity to watch, while asking questions as well as networking with one another while the panel was happening, all on a new platform Hopin.

Day #1:

Moderated by content creator, Kia Marie, we heard from three women who work for Adidas through a conversation on “How Shoes are Designed.”  They spoke about what goes into designing a shoe-- from the conceptualization of the product to how creatives work with one another through the process.Victoria Adesanmi,  a color and materials designer joined us, along with Sara Novak & Kelsey Woo, two footwear designers. They spoke about what it’s like working at Adidas, as well as the process of bringing a creator’s vision to life when Adidas does collaborations. We ended the night with a DJ set from the talented, Jasmine Solano. 

Day #2:
The second day’s theme was “Brand Partnerships within Streetwear and the Sneaker Culture.” This panel was hosted by the Shoe Surgeon’s Brand Manager, Anna Sork, who led our three speakers on an interesting conversation about different brand partnerships across various platforms within cultures and what it takes to create a partnership. Lara Kelley, Vice President of Brand Partnerships at Complex joined us and spoke about ComplexCon’s success in bringing people together in celebration of the culture, and how they are thinking of doing events going forward given the current climate.  Since the music and fashion industry are almost inseparable, we had Michelle Edgar, Vice President of Brand Marketing at Epic Records speak about how integral brand partnerships are for artists and what conducting a partnership between a company and an artist can look like. Coco and Breezy, two DJ’s as well as founders of Coco & Breezy Eyewear spoke about how they incorporate music into their creative processes, as well as how they inject their personal styles while collaborating with different brands. 

Day #3

On our final day of the virtual event, Lexi Cross, founder of ShoesOf led five women through a conversation about “Women Driving Culture.” Sophia Chang, an illustrator and designer spoke about how growing up in New York has impacted the way she works, and how she tries to pull inspiration from every situation. We were joined by two young women who just created their brands a year ago, Olivia Anothony, founder of LIV Streetwear and Chelsea Ma, co-founder of Takeon Label. They spoke about pursuing your passions and how important it is for women in streetwear to support one another. Streetwear OGs Julie Anne Quay, founder of VFiles and Beth Gibbs, founder of Bephie and Union LA also joined us. JAQ spoke about how she believes that mounds of creativity will be born due to this quarantine, and Beth gave her opinion on how injecting a woman’s perspective can be impactful in a male-dominated industry. 

Coco & Breezy joined us again for a DJ set, and we wrapped the night up with a Q&A with the organizers of the event. 

We want to thank everyone that participated from the hosts and speakers to the DJs, and a special shout out to FutureParty and NVE Experience Agency for production!