Billionaire Boys Club x SE Bikes

Billionaire Boys Club x SE Bikes unveil the Space Flyer. This limited-edition bike is set to redefine the biking experience, offering enthusiasts a blend of distinctive design and top-notch performance. The Space Flyer is an homage to SE Bikes' iconic Big Flyer, renowned as "the king of the bike life scene." The collaboration also includes limited-edition apparel and accessories that blend Billionaire Bots Club' iconography with quality bike gear.


How did you first get into BMX riding, and what inspired you to pursue it as a professional career?

Leaving Basketball practice I seen a guy (@bs.John) wheelie past me doing tricks and I instantly knew that was something new & different. Then I immediately chase him down on my little bike & got a chance to ask him how you that on a bike & I received answers, I was told practice every single day! I took those words to the heart!

What’s the story behind the name Bs.Ballout?

The story behind “BS.Ballout” is very interesting, so I was ball player at heart and playing basketball for money with the big boys at the time, so I hit the last shot to win the $200. But, There was a street dude named “Ballout” and ran over to me and pick me up smiling saying you new name is “baby ballout”. Eventually got older then joined this bike group based out of Paterson NJ called “BombSquad” & what coincidence that my Government name is “Biyann Sinclair” same initials so I’ll never change my name, this life was written for me !

Can you share some of your early experiences in BMX?

Before I really learned how to use the handbrake, I would chase my wheelies, meaning I’m pedaling very hard & rough to keep my wheel up and not knowing that’s what the brakes are for. What were the challenges you faced when you were just starting out? My earlier challenges I faced was being told that riding a bike was lame , corny, and boring when I change over to a bike everyday instead of going to practice and hanging with knuckleheads. Instead I wanted to be the best I can be on the bike.

Who were your role models or inspirations in the world of BMX, and how did they influence your riding style and career aspirations?

Oh this easy, Nigel Sylvester , His influence on me is crazy because I literally watch him come up from the GO series, Traveling the world, and overall he’s just a cool person! So watching him over the years help change my style of attire when I’m on the bike, like I want to comfy and chill when I’m riding and Nigel play a part of those cool things. Finally, I received a message one day & guess who it is my guy Nigel asking me do I wanna work with him so you know I said “Yeah, let’s work”. Now he’s more so a big brother & a role model seriously he’s a great guy! 

Could you tell us about your training routine and how you continue to improve your BMX skills?

My training routine was real like I’m mean real.. I would wait until my mom goes to work like 11ish and have my grandpa watch me until 12:30. So I had this Mon-Friday Trick Sheet, Monday = New Trick , Tuesday = New Trick, all the way to Friday so by Saturday and Sunday I got 5 tricks to chain into a combo or trick line! My work ethic & determination was out the roof in my come up era ngl .

You've been part of two campaigns with Billionaire Boys Club. How did this come about"?

So how the Billionaire Boys Club campaign came about was through my brother Nigel he was doing collaboration with his brand GO.intl x Billionaire Boys Club and he introduced me to the real modeling life. So I debuted in the Ice Cream To Real Cream Shoot Back 21-2022 & sparked up some tension!

What do you think sets Billionaire Boys Club apart from other brands in the streetwear and fashion industry?

I would say the amount of collabs and side quests you guys do is just different period.

In your opinion, how does BMX culture intersect with streetwear and fashion, and how has this influenced your personal style?

Streetwear & Fashion affects the Bikelife/BMX culture a lot because everyone wants to stay fly or good-looking once they mastered the certain tricks or style it makes you wanna put you best outfit and go crazy through the neighborhood!

Can you share some memorable moments from your time with Billionaire Boys Club during the campaigns?

When I started receiving text messages from Billionaire Boys Club & I was able to to chat with them just boosted my confidence to be brand ambassador for the company! Now look ! Any interesting behind-the-scenes stories? Okay so I will never forget doing the shoot with Nigel and his nephew Tyler was just having so much fun on set it made happy to see another younging striving for the same cause!

How do you balance your professional BMX career with other commitments, such as modeling and brand collaborations?

Well I plan ahead to give myself some time too see I can actually do and appear to but majority of time is no problem and everything goes accordingly.

What advice would you give to aspiring BMX riders who hope to make a career out of their passion for riding?

Do this for YOU! This bike is Therapy, it’s just you and bike! Practice everyday to the best rider for YOU!

What are your future goals and aspirations in BMX, both in terms of riding and collaborations with brands like Billionaire Boys Club?

Eventually to do my signature pieces or parts with brands, To express my creative mind too the world and show them that I’m not your average biker.

How has the BMX community supported and influenced your journey, and what role does it play in your life today?

My Bikelife has been supported from the day I started my mom was is my #1 supporter for-real. She done helped me with everything I swear mom of the years goes to my mother, without her I would’ve had no hope , no structure, or no mindset of what I’m doing today !

What's the most valuable lesson you've learned throughout your BMX career, and how has it shaped you as an athlete and an individual?

I learned being yourself all the through any situation as being rider just shows companies and rider that you serious about yourself and you know your worth, you won’t let no one take advantage of you for YOUR Talent/Skills.

Can you tell us about any upcoming projects or campaigns you're excited about, whether in BMX or fashion?

Well not so long ago I did shoot with GUCCI X ADIDDAS that one set it off , like the pictures came out odeee. Currently just did the BBC x SEBIKES shoot for the collab jersey and bike, that shoot was fly. Also just did shoot with Snipes x Adidas out In Brooklyn I had fun doing that as-well.

Finally, what message or piece of wisdom would you like to share with your fans and supporters who admire your work in both BMX and the fashion industry?

Never give up on the things you want to do life, always strive like you got nothing to eat at home, stay healthy and off drugs you’ll feel alive. Overall just be YOURSELF, that’s called being cool. If you think I’m cool I got it from being MYSELF. Love y’all man seriously wouldn’t be going this far if it wasn’t for my haters and supporters!
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