Soulection x Billionaire Boys Club

We’re happy to announce the second installment of the Soulection and Billionaire Boys Club partnership., following our first experience in 2018.

Times have changed since then, and we are now in a state of heightened mindfulness. The Soulection x Billionaire Boys Club CE-5 capsule explores this mental state with designs inspired by mutual contact with an extraterrestrial intelligent being and meditative methods—known as “Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind” or “CE-5 Protocols”. The experiencer phenomenon [formerly referred to as alien abduction] and attempts to contact extraterrestrial intelligence using altered states of meditative consciousness, have become a movement in recent years, which we tap here.

The CE-5 Capsule is revealed through a visual journey we take with the Soulection collective as they experience CE-5 Protocols with meditation expert, Ayres Nouveau.

Collaborative art is applied throughout the capsule with classic BBC iconography juxtaposed with Soulection’s logos and bespoke phrase, “Sounds of Tomorrow”. The capsule also features expanded graphic concepts that explore the digital age of music and states of consciousness with graphics like an abstract brain scan executed with both flat and puff print screen application methods.

Soulection x BBC CE-5 capsule includes apparel, accessories and homegoods collectibles. Follow @bbcicecream and @soulection for updates on specific release schedules.

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