Star Wars x Billionaire Boys Club

We're proud to announce a very special collaboration with Star Wars™!
As a brand with an appreciation for all things galactic, it is an absolute honor to have a capsule with Star Wars— the eternal saga that has made such an impact on our culture. Star Wars is a lifestyle.
For our out-of-this-world collection, we pay homage to the lovable scoundrel and roguish heroics of Han Solo—who rose from an impoverished childhood on the mean streets of Corellia to become one of the heroes of the Rebel Alliance and captain of the Millennium Falcon™.

We combed through the movies, we studied Han Solo and incorporated significant details about him into our designs, including his home planet, which is given a nod with the use of the Corellian Bloodstripe—a military medal awarded for extreme feats of heroism. 
The memorable Star Wars hyperspace imagery is seen as a reflective 3M fill for the classic Billionaire Boys Club curve logo on a number of pieces, along with one of Solo’s most notable quotes: “Never Tell Me the Odds.”  We also pay homage to the mighty Chewbacca—Solo's tried and true companion and co-pilot.

And, as a tribute to Han Solo’s beginnings as a smuggler and pilot, a Millennium Motors t-shirt featuring mechanic unifor­m patchwork is included, along with a Millennium Motors Baseball Jacket featuring an embroidered Millennium Falcon design on the back, made by Golden Bear Sport.

The Star Wars X Billionaire Boys Club capsule will be released at the BBC NYC Flagship and on for nationwide availability on Tuesday, October 30th. 

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