Summer 2018 Global Collection: EGYPTIAN LOVER

This season, we're exploring the fascination of Ancient Egypt cosmos, with our Global Summer 2018 Collection: 'EGYPTIAN LOVER'. 
Egyptian mythology, astrology, and the belief of higher powers are themes embodied by this collection—incorporating designs of Egyptian iconography such as the Sphinx of Giza, the Egyptian Pyramids and imagery of Egyptian gods and deities. 

Depicted in ancient pyramid drawings and hieroglyphics, Ancient Egyptian mythology dictates that the cosmos were inhabited by gods, Nut (the Sky god), Shu (the Air god) and Geb (Earth god). Each god had a specific role in the universe and their associated myths allowed Ancient Egyptians to make sense of nature and their environment, like the weather, night and day in conjunction with the sun and moon, and the frequent flooding of the Nile River. 

The order of the universe was referred to by Ancient Egyptians as "ma'at", which encompassed both the proper behavior of humans and the normal functioning of the forces of nature. Ma'at was also personified as a goddess in Egyptian mythology, as the daughter of the Egyptian sun deity Ra and wife of the moon god Thoth, and served a kind of spirit of justice to the Egyptians. Ma'at is usually depicted in the form of a woman seated or standing with outstretched wings attached to both her arms—seen on statement pieces from the Summer 2018 Collection. 

The Summer 2018 Collection,'EGYPTIAN LOVER', juxtaposes visuals of these myths with classic BBC imagery of astronauts, ray guns and rocket ships. Diving deeper into our inherent theme of exploration, imagery of all-over compass and old-school maps are also found on various outwear pieces, and safari-style silhouettes expand the vision including vests, field shirts and cargo shorts. 

Embroidery, screen and sublimation-print techniques provide for the statement designs seen on a bowling-inspired shirt and short set, and a repeat-print of an Egyptian deity on a track jacket with matching button-up blouse, shorts and hat. 

The 'EGYPTIAN LOVER' Collection will be arriving at the Billionaire Boys Club NYC on Wednesday, April 25th, and is now available at the London Flagship. The Tokyo Flagship will deliver the collection in May.

The Billionaire Boys Club Summer 2018 Look Book was shot in Morocco by Anton Gottlob.




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