BBC20 Swarovski Anniversary Capsule

As Billionaire Boys Club celebrates two decades of shaping the intersection of streetwear, luxury, and cultural expression, the Swarovski collaboration serves as a beacon of creativity. Beyond mere luxury, this collection embodies the spirit of the brand, weaving a narrative that has left an indelible mark on the fashion, music, and cultural landscape.

Honoring the legacy of the past, the collaboration also turns its attention to the new vanguard of visionaries, inviting a fresh perspective that fuels the brand's continued journey. The campaign showcases creatives making waves in the industry, emphasizing the symbiotic relationship where inspiration flows in both directions, shaping a shared future.

The collection's campaign features influential figures who embody the ethos of the Billionaire Boys Club, reinforcing the brand's commitment to continually redefine the crossroads of style and substance. As a new chapter beckons, Billionaire Boys Club invites all, past, present, and future, to join the extended Billionaire Boys Club family in shaping and shaking the world at the confluence of style and significance.


Step into the Swarovski x Billionaire Boys Club campaign shoot with Bladi and Ade.

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