Team ICECREAM Welcomes Daniel Scales

Today, Team ICECREAM officially welcomes Daniel Scales with a new full length video part. The video was shot entirely in Miami and Los Angeles, and is the first full length feature for the blossoming skater.

Scales was born and raised in Miami, but relocated to LA two years ago to pursue his love of skateboarding. Growing up in Miami, he was introduced to Pharrell and ICECREAM at an early age by his older sisters and even nicknamed "Skateboard D", taking after Pharrell's skate moniker.

With the release of this video, Scales becomes a member of the iconic Team ICECREAM. "This is a full circle moment for me." Scales said. "Growing up I loved ICECREAM. I wanted a tee so bad. One year for Christmas, my sister finally bought me one and I cherished it. The tee was too big for me, but I wore it for years and eventually grew into it. To be welcomed to the team now really is a childhood dream come true".

The video was filmed and edited by videographer Kevin Perez and features a song by Majid Jordan, made exclusively for the project.

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