The Hoodie That Lasts 100 Years

In the world of fashion and ever-changing trends, it’s not often that you see a product that is designed with the intention of withstanding all the elements of Earth and time. The athletic-wear clothing company, Vollebak, has made an entire collection that is engineered to withstand fire, wind and floods, while also promising that it will stay in mint condition for 100 years.

The hoodie takes over 40 weeks to manufacture in its entirety, comprised of three layers, and uses the same material that is used to make spacesuits, as well as kevlar, which is often used to make things for the military, like bullet proof vests. The outermost layer is the toughest, being fireproof, abrasion resistant, and waterproof. The middle layer is made out of membranes that are supposed to make it waterproof, while still allowing sweat to escape. The inner layer is a grid structured fleece that is supposed to keep the owner warm and comfortable.

With all of the changes in our environment and climate, there are constant efforts by companies, as well as consumers to make things more sustainable and give pieces of clothing a longer life cycle. This has brought rise to sites like depop and Grailed, which allow users to grant apparel a second life with a new owner. This begs the question of whether these “100 Year” clothing items are really for…. Is it a hoodie you can pass down to your grandkids? Or is it another black hoodie that will go to die in the back of your closet or end up in a goodwill pile?