The New York Yankees x Billionaire Boys Club

Baseball has been an American legacy sport with traces of its origin being mentioned as early as the late 1700s. A rapidly growing pastime, baseball can be attributed for societal milestones that have been made possible through the sport since official MLB games began in the late 1800s. So influential, in fact, baseball was quickly adopted in Japan as early as the 1870s when American educator Horace Wilson and railway engineer Hiroshi Hiraoka introduced the sport to the Japanese people. Today, baseball is one of the most cherished sports in Japan and America.

The New York Yankees join forces with Billionaire Boys Club to highlight and celebrate the history of a favorite pastime that has permeated cultures worldwide, for a special collaboration including a co-branded apparel and accessories capsule featuring a Satin Stadium Jacket, Japanese inspired denim OG fitted hat, t-shirts, fleece hoodie and sweatpant, and novelty items including a Japanese inspired bobblehead, ceramic NYC bodega style coffee cup and ceramic Yankees helmet bowl.

The New York Yankees x Billionaire Boys Club capsule will launch on August 22nd at BBC ICECREAM US Flagships in NYC and Miami and online [pay in four easy installments with Klarna].

And releasing at our Global Flagships on September 1st in London, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

To highlight the capsule, we took over the Yankee Stadium with Bronx Native, Hugo Mendoza, seen wearing the exclusive pieces. Take a look at the Yankees x Billionaire Boys Club campaign below and follow @bbcicecream for more special projects.

Images and video by OnLunchBreak

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