Human Made


$ 44.00


This double wall glass mug is a collaboration between Blue Bottle Coffee and Bodum, a company that develops products based on the philosophy of beautifully simple design and the best materials for everyday life. Carefully crafted one by one by skilled artisans using the glass-blowing method, the mug is made of heat-resistant glass and has a double-layer structure that keeps hot drinks warm and cold drinks cold, and keeps the flavor of the drink. The water-resistant silicone vent on the bottom of the glass allows it to be used in microwave ovens and ovens. The double-wall glass mug makes poured drinks appear to float in the air, making it the perfect drinkware for the coming season when you want to stay cool.

  • Do not remove the silicone vent on the bottom of the glass. If you remove the vent, it may cause water leakage and the glass will not be usable.
  • Sudden temperature changes may cause glass breakage.
  • 350ml
  • Heat Resistant Glass, Silicone
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