OTHERtone Episode ft. Jimmy Iovine

On this episode of OTHERtone, the legendary record producer, Jimmy Iovine,—also known for co-founding Interscope Records and Beats Electronics—joins Pharrell and Scott.

Watch them discuss how the music industry has changed since he first started in the 1970s, and his transition from music to the tech scene. Click the ‘read more’ jump to view pics from the interview.

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Jalapeño Beat Maker

Alright, well it’s not an actual jalapeño, but it is a beat maker that adds an extra “spice” to your beat when you ride your snowboard, skis, or cruiser. It remixes your music in real time based on your tricks, turns, and spins. It’s up on Kickstarter right now, and estimated to come out in October this year.


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